… and a meeting in Italy…

Published: Friday, 03 November 2017 13:21

and a meeting in ItalySeven months after the last general assembly meeting, it is almost time for all the partners of the MARIO project consortium to meet again. The last general assembly meeting of the project will be held from 8 to 10 November in the beautiful city of Rome, at the ISTC-CNR's headquarters.

Partners coming from different European countries will meet to discuss the latest developments and plan the closeout of the project, which will end in January 2018. This meeting will thus be crucial in order to allow the MARIO team to address in the best possible way the final phase and start preparing for the latest project review.


MARIO in the Korean ‘World Trends 2018’ report

Published: Friday, 03 November 2017 13:20

MARIO in the Korean World Trends 2018 reportMARIO included in the ‘World Trends 2018’ report issued by KOTRA, the Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency!

To learn more about KOTRA please visit the link here.

On humans and robots!

Published: Friday, 03 November 2017 10:23

On humans and robotsAimee Robbins-van Wynsberghe works at Delft University in the Netherlands as an Assistant Professor and is also Co-director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics with an office in Hague. Aimee is also the ethics adviser for an industrial robots project on Robot Operating Systems and a member of MARIO Ethics & Privacy Supervisory board.

Last August Aimee gave an interview to the Quartz magazine, where she spoke about the future of relationships between humans and robots, which are ‘on the cusp of a sexual intimacy we may never reverse’. You can read the entire interview here.


R2M Zora distributorship: A new exploitation route for MARIO

Published: Friday, 03 November 2017 10:20

R2M Zora DistributorshipWith the exit of Robosoft, the consortium was in part left without an important aspect of our exploitation strategy – the manufacturer of the robotic platforms. Collaboration is still possible with Kompai Robotics. To take control of the scenario and to not risk losing momentum, opportunities and networks established by the project, R2M in parallel to the project activities invested in and committed to a distributorship with Zora Robotics for the sale, distribution and support of Zorabots in Italy. Since R2M is leading the exploitation activities of the MARIO project this partnership will create an additional exploitation route for some of the MARIO foreground such as the MARIO apps in Italy.

Zora Robotics has developed the world leading application development framework and user interface on top of Softbank’s Nao and Pepper platforms. More than 20,000 people use the more than 70 applications to make their robots useful and fun.  With Zora, you don’t need an ICT department and you don’t need to be a robotics expert to expand the Softbank’s robotic systems functionalities. It is like having windows installed on a PC (or other operating system). Without it – the PC can be hard to use for non-computer experts. With it, you can use the PC to change the world.  With Zorabots you get the basic NAO system, the application development framework and a library of 70+ applications to work out, be productive, have fun etc. Zorabots have been successfully deployed as assistant to retail, hospitality, healthcare and elder care.   


Mario featured on the pages and website of Corriere della Sera, the main Italian newspaper!

Published: Thursday, 02 November 2017 12:01

Mario on the pages and website of Corriere della Sera the main Italian newspaperOn September 19th Mario was featured on the first issue of “Le Buone Notizie” (“The Good News”), the new weekly insert of Corriere della Sera about social issues.

Corriere della Sera is the largest circulation newspaper in Italy, with 250,000 copies being sold and around 3 million readers. The full page article was written by Massimo Sideri, columnist of Corriere and newly appointed director of Corriere Innovazione, i.e. the weekly Corriere’s insert on technology: it covers all relevant aspects of Mario, focusing on the consortium composition and the relevance of assistive robots for the interaction with elderly patients with dementia in hospitals and home care settings. Following the article, IRCCS Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza and its Mario robot were featured on “La Vita in Diretta” (the afternoon talk show on RAI 1, the main Italian TV channel).


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