Due Date (in months)

Means of

 1 Iterative RDI Cycle Begins WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6 NUI Galway 5 PMT meeting that kicks off the RDI work packages. Decision points are maturity of user specifications to this point and visibility on Kompai arrival dates. 
 2 12 Kompai Platforms Ready & Iteration Begins WP2, WP7 ROBOSOFT 12 D2.1 attained which is the physical availability of the 12 platforms backed by plan of where they go. 
 3 Validation Begins  WP8 NUI Galway 18 PMT confirms pilots ready for kickoff (ethical/privacy consent forms complete, platforms on site, pilot plan in place).
 4 RDI WPs Complete WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6 NUI Galway 24 Acceptance of all WP3-WP6 deliverables. PMT agreement that any future iterative work happens in the integration WP7.
 5 Technical Integration Complete & Replication Plan Ready WP10, WP7, WP9 3  RUR 34 Closure of the integration WP7. Acceptance of partner replication plan. At M34 to allow time to act if there are corrections needed.


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