The main objectives of MARIO are:

  • To address and make progress on the challenging problems of loneliness, isolation and dementia in older persons through multi‐faceted interventions delivered by service robots.
  • To conduct interaction with end users and assisted living environments in order to enable iterative development and preparation for post project uptake.
  • To assist caregivers and physicians in the comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) of subjects at risk to loneliness, isolation or dementia through the use of service robots.
  • The use of near state of the art robotic platforms that are flexible, modular friendly, low cost and close to market ready in order to realise field contributions in the immediate future.
  • To make MARIO capable of supporting and receiving “robot applications” similar to the developer and app community for smartphones. This will empower development and creativity, enable the robot to perform new functionalities over time, support discovery and improve usefulness for end users while lowering costs.
  • Through novel advances in machine learning techniques and semantic analysis methods to make MARIO more personable, useful, and accepted by end users (e.g., gain perception of non‐loneliness).
  • To bring MARIO service robot concepts out of the lab and into industry by addressing licensing aspects, the integration of telecommunication aspects and application hosting environment.

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