1. Health and Assessment: To make service robots a tool for the medical community in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of persons suffering from loneliness, isolation, dementia and their effects.
  2. Sociology and Behaviour: To address the needs of persons at risk and/or suffering from loneliness, isolation and dementia with customised service robot solutions.
  3. Robot Utility: To maximise MARIO’s appeal and user base by making its solutions modular, cost effective and useful.
  4. Semantic Interactions: To develop robot semantic and cognitive interaction abilities.
  5. Privacy, Ethics and Data Management: To eliminate potential concerns regarding data privacy, security and ethics and instead to turn this aspect into a strength and competitive advantage.
  6. Leadership and Progress: To achieve IMPACT in robotics, their use for independent healthy living and progress in the challenge area of loneliness, isolation and dementia.
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