MARIO's Vision is based on the expectations and identified accomplishments that were defined by the team members and stakeholders of the project. 

MARIO must...

  • be user driven
  • provide assistance
  • be a companion
  • aid connectedness
  • monitor user behaviour and health
  • improve quality of life
  • be compatable/integrated
  • be acceptable to the elderly
  • raise expectations

MARIO's Unique Selling Points outline how the final product of this project will differentiate when compared to existing products, and how this will better help people with dementia and improve their quality of life.

MARIO will harness the potential of collaboration to develop a product that will...

  • perform Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments (CGAs)
  • be a motivational tool
  • be a tool for staying connected
  • be acceptable to users
  • provide appropriate levels of support
  • combine software and hardware development efforts
  • make business
  • be a commercially viable product
  • be a market leader
  • be a benchmark for robotics in dementia
  • provide an ethical framework for assisted living
  • provide a framework for measuring life improvements
  • save money
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