KOMPAI Robotics partners with Korian Group

Published: Friday, 08 September 2017 08:01

KOMPAI Robotics partners with Korian GroupKOMPAÏ robotics is a young company created in 2017 as a spin-off from Robosoft. It aims to develop robotic solutions that help frail individuals and their caretakers, whether they are at home or in care establishments. KOMPAÏ Robotics successfully acquired the robot Kompaï’s assets from Robosoft, which include most notably: brand name, hardware, and software.

Our company is now furthering its partnership with the Korian Group, the European leader for nursing homes, for the next generation of Kompaï robots, which are specifically designed for the nursing home environment. Along with patented intelligent geo-localized mobility support and existing cognitive assistance, this new generation will be able to perform several supplement essential functions such as night monitoring and fall-detection, personal and group entertainment, as well as more specific assistance for Alzheimer’s patients.


Prof Noel Sharkey on service robots at Galway International Arts Festival

Published: Friday, 08 September 2017 07:56

Prof Noel Sharkey on service robots at Galway International Arts Festival2

Robots making burgers, drone delivery to your door to presiding over wedding ceremonies – the role of robots is changing in today’s world! Prof Noel Sharkey brings you on a tour of service robots around the world and asks what regulations society needs in place now. Service robots date from 2011 with sales of 4.7 million in 2014 for personal & domestic use mainly in Asia & the US. The World Federation in Robotics predicts 38 million by 2018. Prof Sharkey highlights ethical & privacy issues with a focus on robot supervision for children, assistive robotics and policing robots.


Why not go for a pan-European trial?

Published: Wednesday, 06 September 2017 09:15

Why not go for a pan European trialDementia doesn’t know borders! It affects people all over Europe and all over the world. Two and a half years after the project has started and almost three years after our proposal was submitted for funding - one thinks: did we do everything right? If we now had the opportunity to submit MARIO as a proposal what would we change Partners? Roles? Technologies? Types of instruments for validating our ideas?

What we see as a priority now based on the work completed to date is the need to conduct a Pilot RCT for MARIO bringing together partners from different sectors to examine the feasibility of robot companions versus usual care and other technologies to improve quality of life of PWD.


MARIO applications at the RAPP store

Published: Wednesday, 06 September 2017 09:11

RAPP platform (https://rapp.cloud) is designed to allow easy development and hosting of applications for social inclusion and elderly care: it allows 3rd party developers to easily build apps using either Python, Node.JS or C++ in a manner which doesn't require them to be experts in robotics or Artificial Intelligence (AI). Furthermore, in order to allow for easier development, it supports all those languages in a form of an open-source API.

MARIO applications at the RAPP store 3


Stockport presenting Project Mario at RO-MAN2017 Robotics Event

Published: Wednesday, 06 September 2017 08:57

Stockport presenting Project Mario at RO MAN2017 Robotics EventAndy Bleaden from Stockport attended the The Barriers of Social Robotics take-up by Society as part of the RO-MAN 2017 event in Lisbon in August 2017 which was a very large Robotics event that This symposium is a leading forum where state-of-the-art innovative results, the latest developments as well as future perspectives relating to robot and human interactive communication are presented and discussed.

Here Andy presented both the Mario Project and Project Silver as part of a presentation of entitled: Stockport Council – A municipality testing robots and technology with Seniors.


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