Hi I’m the MARIO version of Kompaï, the robot companion.

I’m eagerly expected by the elderly affected by insanity or dementia (PWD) to provide them the support they need in their daily life. With regards to my predecessor, which accompanied several frail people during more than 1000 days, I have a new look and offer many innovative services.

The MARIO project has allowed me to design this new look, but also to increase my capacities to help you at best and make your life easier.

Beside its standard functions which I inherited from my predecessor, such as the cognitive and physical exercises, the connection to a close friend or to a medical professional, the reminder of medicine, the schedule, the shopping list … Innovations appeared in Mario as the basket for personal objects.

Among the main evolutions, it’s necessary to note:

  • the way of communication, through voice recognition based on the natural language,
  • The animation of my eyes to express myself better and get emotion across
  • Thanks to the implementation of a geriatric evaluation questionnaire, I am going to be able to give you a precise diagnostic, and allow physicians to optimise the medical treatment, even to anticipate future risks.
  • I improve the connectivity and the social interactions, in order to strengthen the resilience in the loneliness and the insanity, so that you can acknowledge the traumatic event which strikes you which will allow you to control any form of depression and to get yourself back on track.
  • I take care of your health by checking your vital parameters, and warn the medical profession in case of emergency.
  • I control the environment in which you live in to bring you the comfort necessary in your daily life
  • And many others ….

The main services which I have are accessible by a web interface, which can be used to configure and test the services, log and post the values of the sensors, set the controls of the engines... To allow software developers to set up new applications, every action generated with the Web interface can be executed in another Web service or remote application by using a simple URL, by exchanges of XML data. This is particularly useful for the remote application and for controlling the robot from a mobile phone.

My new modular architecture also interests the community of research, because thanks to the Web technologies, it’s easy to add and support additional sensors, together with software bricks that are able to run on any Operating System.

I’m ready to be connected to a social network for coordination of the actors of the ecosystem, to provide a complete service, like a « family connected helper » available 24/7 next to you, and to the medical or medico-social caregivers.

If you are either at home, in an institution or at the hospital, I plan to visit you some time in 2016, almost everywhere in Europe as soon as my passport will be ready and my appointments taken.

See you very soon.

Kompaï, your robot companion

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