A new Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) film takes an innovative approach to what it might feel like to live with dementia. It features the voice of a woman who has the condition, and the viewer gets a view of life from her perspective. Some of the things she sees are familiar, but, at other times, she becomes confused. For instance, at one point, the woman forgets that she’s gone to bed. At other times, she becomes agitated. She also talks about how she’s coping with the condition. Viewers will experience a little of what it’s like to find yourself in a world that seems familiar and yet doesn’t always make sense; people with dementia may not be able to communicate their frustrations. The film’s incidents and memories are based on true experiences gathered from people living with dementia. These people kindly agreed to share their experiences. The film is valuable for anyone who supports people with dementia.

Please follow this link to watch this film by SCIE and find out more about people living with dementia.