MARIO will appear on the Euronews Futuris programme, where he will be showcasing how robotics can make a difference to people with dementia to help manage isolation and loneliness. This broadcast is scheduled for April and will be in 12 languages to over 430 million households in 130 countries.

3 MARIO on Euronews
Des Doherty (person with dementia) using the MARIO robot at St. Brendan’s Community  Nursing Unit in Loughrea, during the Euronews feature

3 2 MARIO on Euronews

Prof. Dympna Casey (MARIO Project coordinator) interviewing Des Doherty (person with dementia) during the Euronews feature
3 3 MARIO on Euronews
Mary Madden Nurse in Charge at St. Brendan’s Community Nursing Unit in Loughrea, being interviewed by Julián López Gómez from Euronews
 3 4 MARIO on Euronews  3 5 MARIO on Euronews