RAPP platform ( is designed to allow easy development and hosting of applications for social inclusion and elderly care: it allows 3rd party developers to easily build apps using either Python, Node.JS or C++ in a manner which doesn't require them to be experts in robotics or Artificial Intelligence (AI). Furthermore, in order to allow for easier development, it supports all those languages in a form of an open-source API.

MARIO applications at the RAPP store 3

The RAPP store (maintained by Ortelio) currently hosts two of the developed MARIO applications:

The development and selection of these apps was driven by the desires and requirements identified by end users, that is, PwD, and caregivers. These apps help the user connect with their community, allowing them to feel a part of the world around them, reducing the sensations of isolation.

The Remember My News app allow the user to be up to date with local news events (such as community sports, church events, etc.).

MARIO applications at the RAPP store 1


The Games app gives users the ability to play games providing a series of voice and visual cues that prompt the person so they do not need to rely on memory to play the game. The person with dementia is able to start, stop or change the game using voice activated commands.

MARIO applications at the RAPP store 2