We would like to invite you for the 3rd Webinar on Companion Robots sponsored by the MARIO EU Project ( Details are provided below:

Title: Using frames in assistive robotics

Youtube live link:

Date/Time: Thursday March 9th, 2017, 3:00 pm (GMT + 1)

Dr. Valentina Presutti
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (CNR)


People with dementia (PwD) may show lack of memory as early symptoms of cognitive impairment. This affects their private as well as social life: discomforts can span from not remembering one or more words for completely expressing a concept or request, e.g. "I need a ?, to drink water", to forgetting events they have recently experienced, e.g. a visit from a relative. In turns this may lead to isolation, hence loneliness. Machines, including robots, could help PwD by completing incomplete sentences, by suggesting hints for remembering events, by proposing them different activities: this would be a powerful tool for reducing their discomfort by increasing their autonomy. In this talk, I will discuss the approach we are investigating in the MARIO project that aims at developing a robot able to interact and support PwD. This approach relies on a notion of "frame" which is applied as a reference model abstraction to support the robot capabilities both from behaviour arbitration and interaction perspectives.

Talk: 30 minutes
Q&A: 20 minutes

Valentina Presutti received her Ph.D in Computer Science in 2006 at the University of Bologna (Italy). Her background is software engineering and semantic technologies. She is a researcher and team coordinator at the Semantic Technology Laboratory of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Rome and Catania. Her current main research interests include experimenting on the role of frames in natural language understanding, and defining a formal language for representing ontology patterns. She played a pioneering role on the usage of ontology patterns in ontology engineering for the Semantic Web, and her work on this topic strongly influenced current developments in ontology engineering. She has longtime experience in managing and working in research and development projects in domains such as open data, data integration, knowledge extraction, content and knowledge management, natural language understanding, and ICT for eHealth. Some of the software projects that she has coordinated and/or contributed to can be found at stlab-lod and stlab-tools. She has published 80+ papers in international journals/conferences/workshops on topics such as ontology engineering, knowledge extraction and software engineering. She is involved in the organising and program committees of the main Semantic Web conferences (such as ISWC, ESWC, and I-Semantics) and journals. She has 10+ years teaching experience (University of Bologna, "La Sapienza", and University of Paris 13). She serves as consultant for private as well as public organisations.

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